Kenya Community Takes Business into its Own Hands

By Abdallah Mohamed, East Africa Director Yesterday after speaking with Wilson (the ThinkImpact Committee Chairman of Kaloleni, Kenya), it turns out that our financial literacy trainings are turning out to be a remarkable success! Students from Stanford GSB trained around 40 community members in December 2011 with a financial literacy “Deep Dive” and in turn, these community members are … Continue reading

SOCAP heads to Malmö, Sweden for SOCAP: Designing the Future!

May 8-10th, 2012 join the world’s leading social impact innovators for SOCAP: Designing the Future in Malmö, Sweden (a short 20 minute train ride from the Copenhagen airport). Designing the Future gathers the world’s pioneering impact investors, social entrepreneurs, philanthropists, government and civic leaders, and innovators to design a world that’s better for all. What … Continue reading

“What Are You Looking For?”

Important Recruitment Update from ThinkImpact Community Manager, Jess Morse. “What are you looking for?” is a question I am routinely asked as the Community Manager at ThinkImpact. I am asked this question by prospective students, university administrators, partners and parents, referring to our selection of the class of 2012 Innovation Institute Scholars. The answer is … Continue reading

A Study Abroad Alternative to Change the World

Going abroad is an exciting, somewhat scary, life changing event! But you can take the steps to change the world. Our Going Global webinar, and Slideshare presentation, will help you understand why going global is something for you, and how you can join us in changing the world!  

Got An Idea? How to Start Making It Happen

​The recent economic downturn hasn’t increased the number of start-up businesses. In fact, fewer people are taking risks which has slowed down job creation. Even though we are officially out of the recession, the unemployment rate hasn’t decreased. Existing companies are not hiring and very few new businesses are currently forming. If you are part of this … Continue reading

Introducing Your Dream Job

What if I told you that in 2012 you could have your dream job? Your job would include making money, building brilliant new approaches to products and services, endless learning opportunities, unlimited growth potential, and the end of poverty. Would you look at me like I was losing my marbles? My guess is you would. … Continue reading

2012 Application Launch!

The ThinkImpact DC office is abuzz with discussions about the 2012 Innovation Institute and excitement about our updated website and launch of the 2012 application.  We here in the office have been working hard to ensure that this summer’s Institute is the best yet!  We have been listening to feedback of past scholars and advisors … Continue reading

Jianlin Zhong: SOCAP 2011

The panel at SOCAP went extremely well, thanks to the concerted efforts of the panel team. People who attended the panel actively participated in the activities that we designed. I’m glad that all the efforts we put in during the preparation paid off. It was interesting to watch our audience doing what we did for … Continue reading

SOCAP11 Social Entrepreneur Spotlight: Saul Garlick, Think Impact Company

This article has been cross-posted from SoCap11 ( What problem are you addressing? Why should people care? The world needs to experience a “mind-shift.” That is, the wealthiest countries and individuals must seek solutions to poverty that reach well beyond traditional philanthropy. Indeed, the only way to actually end poverty is to create opportunities that … Continue reading

South Africa Scholars Return

Dear Friends of ThinkImpact, What an incredible summer! Last week half of the students on our Innovation Institute returned from the program. They had just completed the full-immersion program in rural South Africa where they completed a curriculum that integrated asset based community development, design thinking and social entrepreneurship. Their achievements were breathtaking. New businesses … Continue reading